Wireframes + Prototypes

Step8 - UI Sketches




Frederik and Ronan began to develop the wireframes (as Liz was thoroughly burnt out by this stage). Ronan then began work on the actual prototype which can be seen here 

And here are some screenshots:

We would have liked to have tested our concept a little bit more however – with time permitting- and consulting with our interviewees, we realised getting decent user feedback was probably not going to happen within the time frame. However – they seemed to get the concept and were extremely keen, in particular, after consulting with Ms X and others with dietary restrictions, it seems that highly personalised convenience food is a concept that generates a lot of excitement. We would not be surprised if 3D food printing took off (especially in the event of the sugar and gluten free diets becoming more fashionable and widespread) this would become an extremely lucrative food market very quickly.





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