User Personas






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From our in depth interviews, three clear User Personas emerged:

Hailey, 19

This persona based around the problems that were identified in the first interview with Ms X, and a couple of survey responses. Her problems relate to the users with allergies and other dietary restrictions that prevent an anxiety-free diet. She is afraid of trying new foods that aren’t specifically labelled for her needs and often this leads to gastrointestinal distress.

Damo, 27

Damo is based around Mr X and Mr Y, he is primarily motivated by task-based food intake unconcerned by the source of the food, nor the methods by which it was produced so long as the effects of both his exercise training program and diet are apparent in a short period of time. He is also unable to afford regular nutritionist appointments despite vigorous training.

Margret, 38

Margret is based on a single mother’s interaction with her children, and how to encourage healthy habits with her children with playful food design technology.


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