Defining the User Tasks

Step7 - Task Analysis


We performed a task based analysis to really get an idea of how our participants would interact, as currently, obviously, no one without a great deal of knowledge knows how to work a 3D printer properly.

To construct an appropriate interface, we sat down and considered all the touch points, motivations, emotions and features our users would encounter during their potential user scenarios whilst using this hypothetical system.

Planning Stage

We decided that in the planning stage the user would enter their weight, height and the system would calculate their Body Mass Index (BMI) in order to adequately determine an appropriate calorie intake followed by dietary restrictions before suggesting recipes and a meal plan to them.

Fun/Sharing Stage

In this stage we assigned users the tasks of actually using the 3D printing technology in order to print elaborate shapes of vegetables etc. to make them more interesting, or otherwise construct their own meals like a LEGO version of creating food. There are also features that allow the user to adjust for less salt or otherwise just passively print the food if they’re happy with what the system has suggested. In this stage we explicitly target users like Hailey to create recipes using the system, which will alert her to when she might be in danger of contaminating her food with allergens and allow her to save it. We envision that users like Damo and Margret will then use Hailey’s recipes and rate them as they are not typically interested in creating their own.

Information/Performance Stage

In this section the user can evaluate their progress with a dashboard, which assigns badges, leader boards, and scheduling meals and events around activities such as gym training and adjusting the calorie intake following a muscular workout for example. This section is to accommodate Damo, and Margret who would wish to track their progress and receive positive reinforcement. They can also export this information to their mobile or tablet to amend their diet plans remotely.


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