User Research – Survey and Initial Results


  • Our survey reached 15 participants, mostly garnered from our Facebook, the youngest was 20, the eldest was 35, with almost all having some kind of post secondary education.
  • We initially allowed participants to rank some images, one photoshopped apple in the shape of a cube, a couple take from molecular gastronomy (an experimental approach to cooking), and a couple of 3D printed images.
  • We opted for qualitative research methods (sorry, no pretty graphs here)
  • What we had missed was asking our respondents why they liked a particular food image the most, as interestingly, they rated the sandwich as being the most attractive, despite the 3D apparatus being in the background.
  • Followed closely behind it was the highly irregular looking jelly strawberry which is far from natural looking.
  • We decided to conduct closer User Interviews over Skype. 
  • Otherwise the most interesting responses mainly concerned the fact that the respondant had to overcome major hurdles to reach their goal, and others gave up when it became inconvenient to their social life
  • Also – parental pressure to enter an extreme diet was something we’d never considered
  • You can find the survey link here

The images to be rated!


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