User Research – Planning – Setting the Goal Posts

Step4 - User Research MapRonan and Liz developed this mindmap to highlight the goals of the user research developed from an intial mindmap of Ronan’s that highlighting hypotheses of where this application might go. It is a well assumed fact that social connection plays a role in the decision making of food – and that self reporting of understanding and reading nutrition labels can be somewhat dodgey.



We wanted to find out the following from our participants

  • Their current behaviours surrounding variety in their food intake – where they might be open to 3D printed foods
  • Can they even tell if it’s 3D printed or not if shown in the right way – or presented nicely?
  • The role of social – is it motivators in the change of diet?
  • Can the role of convenience in keeping or breaking a diet be understated?!
  • What information do people seek, if any?

We particularly wanted to pay attention to anyone that might have gone on a Low Glycaemic Index or Plant Based diet in regards to Type II Diabetes management as this corresponded well to the brief as its symptoms can be triggered by some carbohydrate consumption and plant based diets have been found to help bring diabetes under control.



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